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What we EXPECT, we GET.  It's time to expect a great and wonderful life.  Yes, it's possible!  EVEN with fibromyalgia.

Let's Create a Positive Fibromyalgia Community

  • I was trained as a clinical psychologist.  

    However, life took an unexpected turn soon after I finished my degree.  I never started a private practice, instead I was clobbered with fibromyalgia shortly after Thanksgiving of 2000. I bet you can guess what they said back then! Yup, you’re right! They told me that all of my problems were in my head.  Yeah.  Right.  It took 7 1/2 years to finally get a diagnosis.  You can read more about my story on my About page.

  • I’ve been where you are.

    I’ve felt just as sunk. Just as hopeless. Just as scared. You need to feel those things.  I don’t want you to stuff those sad, bad feelings deep inside you.  No, that will only cause more problems. You need to process those emotions so that you can come out on the other side.

  • Life can still be wonderful even with fibro. 

    I’ve learned to find the GOOD things that fibromyalgia has brought to my life. And, yes! There are good things. Even GREAT things that have happened solely because I have this crazy disease. It’s a matter of being open to the good and to be able to look at life in a different way.

  • I’m probably the happiest person I know!  

    I have a unique perspective compared to almost every single person I know—the strong, burly, healthy ones, included.  I look for the positive.  And so can you!

  • My whole life has prepared me to be in the unique position to really, REALLY help a lot of people.

    My unique perspective could help anybody live a happier life, but I want to help you.  People who, like me, have an invisible illness. I know what it feels like to have fallen through the cracks in life.  Everyone else around you is really living while you feel like you are just marking time.  You feel invisible. Shut up in your home more times than you can count.  It feels like life is passing you by without even noticing that you exist. 

  • Open your mind and heart and learn something new with me so that you can have a happier, more pain-free life, too.  

    I find things that really work! No joke. But I’m going to warn you now. The things I want to teach you take time to learn. It’s a process. It’s not a magic pill. It does take work, but the payoff is SOOOOO worth it. Imagine a fulfilling life filled with JOY and happiness, more supportive, loving relationships, less pain, and more energy.

  • It’s not a pipe-dream.  It’s real.  I’m living proof. Join me! Come on, let’s find a BETTER way together!

Cheryl Hutchinson, Ph.D.

Heal with Me!

Together we can positively heal from Fibromyalgia.  Let’s do this together!

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